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Anti Ageing
Acne Scar Removal
Hair & Skin Care
Pain Free Hair Removal
Cosmetic Surgery
High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

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Staying beautiful and young is the craving of every human heart. This dream seems to be unachievable because of factors such as ageing, environmental toxicities, health issues, etc. However, you can see your dream of staying young and gorgeous blooming with the help of a plethora of cosmetic and plastic surgery options that can be availed at SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic, Delhi. This pioneering clinic is managed by best cosmetic & plastic surgeon Dr. Vivek Kumar. He is renowned for having a vast array of cutting-edge technologies and equipments.

Beauty- a word that many try to define, a feeling that most try to experience, and a vision that everyone aims to imbibe. Beauty is not just an alignment of facial features and skin, it is an embodiment of health, confidence and attitude.

Science and technology are now so advanced that nobody needs to be at the mercy of circumstances, environment, pollution or other factors. When the mirror doesn’t reflect the real you- there’s no need to despair. Sculpt India, the best cosmetic clinic in India, can help you restore your looks and confidence.

Famous for plastic surgery in Delhi, our experienced team specialises in aesthetic, safe and effective procedures. Dr. Vivek Kumar, leading cosmetic surgeon of Delhi, is an expert at understanding what the client wants, and delivering the desired results. The skill of a cosmetic surgeon involves not just medical expertise, but artistry as well. Sculpt India is the most sought after cosmetic surgery clinic in Delhi, because we strive to reveal the inner beauty present in every person, and to uncover the real you.

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