Find Answers To Your Questions About Thermage Treatment

Thermage treatment might just be the answer for females who would like to have an instantaneous facelift without any surgery, needles or cuts. As we age, we begin to experience noticeable signs of aging such as fine lines and crinkles around the eyes, mouth and nose. A facelift is a very common process executed for the augmentation of the face, but it can be tremendously costly and painful. Its retrieval period may also take numerous weeks contingent upon the degree of enhancements needed. Thermage skin tightening is an impeccable option that helps renovate facial delineations and decrease the appearance of wrinkles in the jawline and the skin. It is a cutting-edge solution to skin treatment and helps reawaken a youthful appearance, without the necessity to undergo a surgical process. It uses radio frequency energy that is applied to the face so as to heat up the collagen in the skin. Heating up the collagen tautens and strengthens the skin giving it a fresher and more attractive look. This type of process is less painful as radio waves are applied rather than knife.

Are you an ideal contender?

If you are considering having your face enriched via thermage skin tightening, it is imperative to turn to a certified and veteran surgeon first. Your doctor will most likely ask numerous questions to determine if you are an idyllic contender for the process or not. If you are physically fit and psychologically unwavering, you may be an ideal contender.

Thermage procedure overview

The thermage process may normally take 2 to 3 hours contingent upon the severity of the regions being treated. Before the actual process, patients are recommended to confiscate all make-up. An oral pain medicine will also be given to the patient so as to lessen any uneasiness that may be felt during the process. A higher treatment setting executed will yield a more noteworthy outcome but may also lead to more pain. This is something to bear in mind when asking a doctor for thermage and your candidature for minor or major augmentations.

Cost of thermage

There are numerous factors that decide the total cost of a thermage facelift. Its rate differs contingent on the number of regions treated, the level of proficiency of the surgeon and the location.

Benefits of thermage

As with any other face augmentation processes, the chief advantage of a thermage treatment is that it helps boost confidence by making the individual look and feel good. With thermage treatment, a patient is more likely to attain tightening of the neck, skin on the face and rehabilitated facial contours. There will be a noteworthy improvement in the appearance of fine lines and crinkles around the eyes, mouth and nose after the surgery. All you need to do is find a reliable doctor for the same.