Know The Types of Scars And How to Treat Them

Many forms of acne scars need diverse treatment approaches to resolve them more meritoriously. In this post, we will explain the main types of acne scarring along with the best acne treatment options to deal with them.

Icepick Scars

Generally seen on and around the cheeks, this particular acne scar is narrow and drawn-out and runs deep in the dermis. A prominently swollen blemish or cyst makes its way until it touches the surface terminating all the skin tissue, instigating a column-like scar. The outcome is a little hole piercing the skin’s surface. Doctors support punch excision for icepick blemishes. This implicates applying a small cookie cutter like tool to take away the original ice pick scar. Subsequently, when it is cut out, the resulting small wound is bolted by applying steri-strips, skin glue or sutures. The outcome is of a smoother and more even blemish that will be able to be even more moderated applying a skin regenerating cream.

Rolling Scars

These types of scars turn up whenever bands of tissue grow in between the surface of the skin and profounder structures underneath. All these bands jerk at the skin which in turn results in a new rolling, wave-like look on the skin’s surface. For light to temperate rolling scars, dermabrasion acne scar treatment is recommended. This methodology of controlled surgical scalping refinishes the top layers of the skin. The rolling scar is leveled out simply by wearing away the upper sheets of the skin. The instrument applied to do this is a high-speed rotating instrument that holds on the end an abrasive brush or wheel. The freshly created skin will be raw and pink but recoups in normal color and texture in six to eight weeks.

Boxcar Scars

Found primarily around the temples and cheeks, these kinds of blemishes result from devastated skin tissue following an inflammatory breakout. Without any type of collagen, the skin has virtually nothing to support itself and a depressed area transpires. They will be elliptical and round in shape and have sharply angled sides. All these indentions are different from ice-pick scars as they do not narrow down to a point. An advantageous treatment to better skin texture and diminish the look of the boxcar scar is acne laser therapy. This methodology treats the profounder layers of the skin found in boxcar scars but doesn’t hurt the skin’s surface. When the laser is applied, the scar’s skin sheets are confiscated one at a time. The laser generates heat which then tautens up the skin, supporting the smoothening out of the scars. It will take around 18 months to see the concluding outcomes. During this time, the skin and its collagen are renovating themselves which improves the texture of the scars. It is counseled to improve the healing procedure using an all-natural acne scar elimination cream.