PRP Treatment



PRP Treatment

Stay dazzling, young and unblemished naturally with PRP treatments!

Youthful looks is a substantial yearning of life that almost everybody longs for. SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic in India is just the prefect one-stop platform where you can satiate this desire of yours by undergoing PRP treatments. At the clinic, we have a team of experienced and highly skilled surgeons supervised by Dr. Vivek Kumar. The team understands the importance of retaining youthful looks and glowing skin. PRP therapy at SCULPT Clinic offers will promise to give back your young-looking appearance and radiant skin back in the most natural, risk-free and easy way.


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PRP Treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy) Delhi


PRP therapy

Whether it is the gradual loss of skin superiority, wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, age spots or a mixture of these concerns, most of us would like to catch on a magic wand that will shut down all signs of aging. PRP treatment options can act as your magic wand and can reverse the weakening of our skin caused by lifestyle and aging up to a great extent. For the sake of fetching back the vivacity and charisma of your aging-plagued skin, you can opt for platelet rich plasma treatment in Delhi India.


PRP stands for platelet rich plasma. Blood plasma is beset with platelets, which have bio-active healthy proteins that restore, replace and rejuvenate tissue. Platelet rich plasma is an enriched treatment that encompasses the use of your own blood cells to enhance the skin and also offer you a smooth and younger-looking skin. This therapy eradicates the regular aging signs of your skin chiefly on the facial area, neck, hands and many other varied body areas.

Platelet rich plasma can be fluently obtained from the blood by using a device called a centrifuge. This is then simply vaccinated into the region to be treated and needs to be refurbished. In this spur, the enhanced plasma releases the bioactive proteins which usually start to fix the treatable area. Roughly, a single PRP treatment sitting will take 30 minutes. PRP, a miraculous substance can also be used for treating under-eye dark circles and hair loss concerns. For more info on PRP thearpy in Delhi, you can head towards SCULPT Clinic today.



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