Pain-free Hair Removal


Say cheery goodbye to the annoying body hair with laser hair removal!

If you desperately want to get rid of those unwanted body hair that prevents you from garbing a high self-confidence level, going in for laser hair removal in Delhi at SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic can be the best idea. The clinic is supervised by Dr. Vivek Kumar and is fortified with all the revolutionary technologies so as to impart satisfactory clinical care to the patients. While executing laser hair removal the all-famous and commendably effective SCITON technology is used here.

Pain-free Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal Delhi

SCULPT brings you the most advanced and FDA-approved SCITON Laser for absolutely pain free and permanent laser hair reduction in Delhi. In India, only SCULPT Clinic has this technology. It is a fourth generation technology that heats the hair follicles to an apt temperature for quick and easy hair removal and can be implemented on all skin types including sensitive skin.

It is the process of removing unwanted hairs from body part by destroying hair follicle via laser light. Permanent hair reduction is an unwavering procedure to inhibit hair growth for more time at treated area of body part. It is an effective, safe and superlative technique to eliminate undesired body hairs everlastingly. The procedure could be used safely on all body parts including legs, underarms, back, stomach, arms, face and also from bikini line area. If you are worrying about your hair regrowth and want an apt solution to remove them, then laser hair reduction is a much effective and safe treatment for you. It is a trustworthy and perfect solution for getting smooth and soft skin. Permanent and pain-free laser treatment is an increasingly popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure at present aimed to eliminate undesirable hairs from body parts. With the help of this treatment, your skin gets smoother and softer. This process is also preferred due to its minimal discomfort and less pain.

DR. Vivek says that it is a non-invasive, gentle technique that can diminish undesirable hair from most parts of the body and provide completely fresh and glowing look to the skin. It can treat bigger areas excellently because it incapacitates more than one hair at a time and takes no downtime. It can also replace waxing, electrolysis, shaving, bleaching and plucking.

Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Its depends upon the patient’s prerequisites and also on the region being treated. The process may take anywhere from several minutes to several hours to get completed. Laser treatment employs a low energy laser beam. This beam passes through the patient’s skin and is enticed to the pigment of the hair. The energy passes down the hair shaft and gets absorbed by the hair follicles that are in the active growth period, thereby it incapacitates the hair follicle at deeper layer of the skin. The hair follicles which are in inactive phase do not get affected from the treatment. In maximum cases, negligible pain is experienced and no anesthesia is needed.

Laser Hair Removal Procedure
Post-procedure Care
Post-procedure Care

Patients must use sunscreen for any area treated that may be exposed to the sun. it will be better if you avoid going in sun for at least 3 to 4 days after procedure. There are probabilities of little itching in the treated area of skin in some cases, so it must be avoided as it may harm the treated area. Avoid bleaching until a few weeks after the treatment. Don’t apply deodorant until after 24 hours of treatment on the treated skin area. Use a moisturizer in between treatments to help fight dryness.

In laser hair reduction procedure, hair follicle is immobilized by laser energy to prevent hair growth permanently. If you are looking for laser hair removal in India, then your ultimate choice should be Sculpt Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic, Delhi because here, all the procedures are done under the supervision of Dr. Vivek Kumar. You may visit our clinic for thorough information and in-depth analysis to get a personalized treatment plan.

Duration of Procedure: Few minutes to hours (depends)
Anesthesia: Topical cream
Recovery Time: 1 day
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