Male Breast Reduction

Male breast reduction surgeryGynecomastia surgery: Accentuate your masculine physique by saying goodbye to “female-like breasts”!
If you are ailing from the embarrassing and disheartening condition of Gynecomastia and it is giving you many sleepless nights by dampening your self-confidence, you can resort to the gynecomastia surgery with the help of Dr. Vivek Kumar. Dr. Kumar is an incredible cosmetic and plastic surgeon who assures to understand your problem and recommend you the best possible solution for it. You can recuperate your lost self-confidence and can flaunt your masculine physique with his help!


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Male Breast Reduction Procedure (Gynecomastia Surgery) in Delhi

Male breast reduction surgery or Gynecomastia Surgery is a medical term that initiated from the Greek words for “women-like breasts.” This condition is far more common than you may think. 40 to 60 percent of the male population is affected by Gynecomastia. There is a probability that it can affect only one breast or both. Although some drugs such as anabolic steroids, medicines containing estrogen, alcohol, marijuana, etc., and medical disorders including cancer, damaged liver function to name a few, may cause or contribute to inflamed male breasts/Gynecomastia. Moreover, it is generally accepted that a great percentage of circumstances derive from unidentified sources.


Ideal candidates

Dr. Vivek says that males of any age who are healthy and emotionally unwavering are considered good candidates for male breast reduction technique. The best candidates commonly are those who have firm, elastic skin and who are eyeing to reshape their body. In some cases, surgery may be discouraged for overweight males who have not tried a workout and diet regimen at first. Enflamed male breasts/Gynecomastia can be reduced by liposuction and/or by cutting out surplus glandular tissue.


male breast reduction procedure

The procedure

Male breast reduction in Delhi, India typically takes an average of two hours, using general or local anesthesia. If there is unnecessary glandular tissue, fat and skin, it has to be removed. Gynecomastia process may be performed alone or in combination with lipoplasty, where the suction device will normally be inserted via the existing incisions. For the elimination of excess fatty tissue alone, liposuction may be all that is required; in such circumstances, scars will be small and hardly noticeable.


male breast surgery post care

Post procedure Care

The patient is recommended to wear an elastic pressure garment for 3-6 weeks and must avoid exposing scarred regions to the sun for at least 6 months. No heavy lifting is recommended for 4-6 weeks. Do not smoke as smoking delays healing and upsurges the risk of complications. Do not drink alcohol when taking pain medicines. Even when not taking pain medications, no alcohol is suggested for 3 weeks as it causes fluid retention.


If you are considering undergoing Male breasts reduction procedure and Gynecomastia surgery in Delhi India, then your prime choice is Sculpt Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic. You may visit our center for comprehensive evaluation and detailed examination to reach a personalized treatment plan with best gynecomastia surgeon and male breast reduction doctor.


Duration of Procedure: 1-2 hrs approx.
Anesthesia: General / Local
Recovery Time: 2-3 Days. Can recommence work after 7 to 10 days but can restart full activity and exercise after a month
Longevity of Results: Permanent,age factor can affect to some extent



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