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Hair TransplantHair transplantation: a ray of hope for depressed people grieving from hair loss!
Hair loss can be demoralizing for your self-confidence. If you wish to save your crowning glory, surgical hair transplantation is the only sure-shot solution. Dr. Vivek Kumar can be your true guide if you are planning to opt for this treatment. He manages SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic and holds cosmic expertise in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery. Being a veteran doctor, he will understand your concerns well and will impart you a tailored treatment plan that can surely prove to be effective.


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Hair Transplantation and Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi

Hair loss and hair fall are entirely two different things. Hair fall is a natural daily happening. Human head encompasses over 100,000 hairs and one usually sheds 150 to 200 hairs a day, every hair is hereditarily programmed in its own way. In general, 90% of the hair on your head grow roughly 1 centimeter per month for about 2.5 to 6 years and then fall off. Hair loss is commonly caused by an amalgamation of ageing, change in hormones and family history (genetic) of bald headedness. As a rule, the earlier hair loss initiates, the more severe the baldness will develop. Hence, the prime objective of hair restoration is to re-establish normal hair density to give normal, young-looking appearance to the complete personality of an individual.

DR.VIVEK throws light on the fact that in hair restoration, the hair from the back and sides are surgically relocated to the top of the head in the form of a small skin graft. The reason behind it is that hair on back are inherently programmed to grow a lifetime, it will carry on growing even though they are relocated to a different site. This is medical fact and has been recurrently proven for more than thirty years.


Hair loss treatment

The procedure

Under local anesthesia, the donor hair grafts are collected from a strip of skin which is taken from the region between ears contingent on the extent of hair grafts. The strip is divided into numerous small units of skin (grafts), each encompassing 1 to 3 hairs – the follicular units. The recipient sites are created in the area of hair loss by making small slits in the bald skin. Each site is no bigger than the opening created by the needle used when blood is extracted from your arm. Then, each of the grafts is cautiously placed into each recipient site. The donor site at the back of the head is not noticeable. 3 to 4 months later, the transplanted hair starts growing and continues to grow half an inch per month for the remaining life.


Hair Transplantation procedure

Post-procedure Care

The night of your hair transplant and for the next few nights, you are advised to sleep with your head raised on pillows. Medicine is given for sleep and pain (if required). Antibiotics are usually not required. The morning after hair transplant process, you need to remove the headband and shower and shampoo your scalp three times (just for the first day). For the next week, you have to shower twice a day. While showering, you will be advised to gently clean the transplanted region with a special shampoo. After your first shower, no additional bandages will be required. Alcohol must be avoided for next 5-7 days after the transplantation and you should not smoke for at least next 2 weeks. When going in scorching sunlight, you must wear a hat. After two weeks, you can use a sunscreen with a SPF of 30+.

If you wish to undergo hair transplantation, hair loss, hair fall treatment in Delhi, India, then your finest choice is Sculpt Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic Delhi, India. You may visit our center for detailed evaluation and in-depth examination to reach a personalized treatment plan with best hair transplant surgeon.

Duration of Procedure: Commonly, 7 to10 hrs contingent on number of hairs transplanted.
Anesthesia: Local
Recovery Time: Can resume work next day. Can use shampoo after 3 days.
Longevity of Results: Permanent. Resultant hair will be natural.



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