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Nose Plastic Surgery in Delhi

Rhinoplasty: attain a well-shaped nose than can embellish your facial beauty!

An individual’s striking beauty can be enhanced by sharp, well-contoured nose. Many people feel that their nose is too warped, too protruded or too plane to be attractive. Such people can seek the expert advice regarding Rhinoplasty surgery by Dr. Vivek Kumar at SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic. He is one of the best cosmetic and plastic surgeons renowned for his laudable work. He aims to rectify all the imperfections that your nose has with his expert skills and experience.

Nose reshaping
Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty) Surgery Delhi

People who face trouble in breathing and are also discontented with the shape and contour of their nose can undergo Rhinoplasty. The surgery of the nose involves changes to all or some parts in the nose or totally reshaping it. This is the cosmetic surgical technique that is globally renowned and performed. Understanding of the patients’ desires and a good treatment plan is very imperative for an efficacious treatment result. The results attained after Rhinoplasty are very attractive and everlasting.

Ideal candidates

DR. Vivek says the common distresses of people with regards to the nose include narrowing nose, flattening nose humps and decreasing or expanding certain areas. All this can be rectified by correcting the deviation and making the nose sharper. It is suggested that after the growth of the face is complete, then only this surgery can preferably be executed. The chief purpose of Rhinoplasty is to restructure the nose so that it synchronizes with other facial features.

The procedure
The procedure

Rhinoplasty Surgery in Delhi at Sculpt Clinic is implemented under anesthesia usually as a day care. It results in slight swelling and bruising. The surgery is extremely comfortable and most of the incisions are inside the nose with a very small section seen outside. The incisions made are hardly noticeable after a few days. The skin of the nose is raised and needed modifications are made to the bones, cartilages and soft tissue. The bell-shaped nose can also be amended with a cut at the base of nostril or through the inside of the mouth.

Post-surgery Care

You will be given pain medicines to take only if you need them. Do not take them more frequently than instructed also avoid them if you do not feel pain. You will be given antibiotic tablets to take for recovery. You should take the medicine as instructed as it is vital for appropriate healing. You may sniff rearward through your nose at any time. But, you are recommended not to blow your nose for a week after your surgery. Please recommence taking all of your normal medicines the day after surgery. It is prudent to take a daily multivitamin pill during the month after surgery.

If you are eyeing for a nose surgery, Rhinoplasty surgery, Nose job and Nose Reshaping in India, then your ultimate place is Sculpt Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic New Delhi, India. You may visit our center for comprehensive evaluation and detailed examination to reach a personalized treatment plan with a best Rhinoplasty surgeon.

Duration of Procedure: 1-4 hrs approx
Anesthesia: General/local with sedation
Recovery Time: Can resume work in 7 days Mild swelling / bruising may be there for a couple of days
Longevity of Results: Permanent
Post-surgery Care
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