Breast Implant Surgery in Delhi


Breast augmentation: a way to feel more buoyant with well-rounded and enhanced breasts!

Unquestionably, breasts are the most noticeable feature in a female’s body, and if they are small in size and not fully molded, then a lady may feel undervalued and this can even perforate her self-confidence sometimes. Getting breast augmentation surgery under the supervision of Dr. Vivek Kumar can be a boon for such disheartened ladies. Dr. Kumar is a topnotch cosmetic & plastic surgeon and works with a prime aim of brings back his patients’ lost smiles!

breast implant surgery
Breast Implant (Breast Augmentation Surgery) Delhi

Many females consider undergoing breast implant process so as to augment the size and contour of the natural bust line. Breast implants are also usually used to refurbish a breast that has been removed or mutilated as a result of a mastectomy. Breast enlargements are available in many varieties of sizes, shapes and profiles depending upon the requirement of the patient to attain a natural-looking physique. Other imperative features include the texture of an implant’s shell and the constituent that fills the shell.

Ideal candidates

Best surgeon for breast augmentation in Delhi, Dr. Vivek says that whether you are an ideal candidate for breast implants or not depends upon the following conditions i.e. in case you have a sense of low self-confidence that your breasts are too small, clothing that fits you well around your hips is often too loose at the breast area, you feel uncomfortable wearing fitting clothing or a swimsuit, your breasts have diminished in size and lost their firmness after having children, oscillation in weight has altered the size and shape of your breasts, lopsidedness exists where one of your breasts is markedly smaller than the other.

The Procedure
The Procedure

In order to place the breast implants, incision is made on top of or beneath the chest muscle. The size, type and location of your breast augmentation entirely depends upon your objectives for breast enhancement, your current body frame and mass, your prevailing breast tissue and the other preferences which you and your doctor had discussed. Most frequently used method to place the implant is underneath the breast as it allows the surgeon to put it in preferred position to get the flawless natural shape of the breast. Moreover, with meticulous care and closure of incision with ultra-fine sutures, scar settle down so pleasantly over the time that it becomes barely visible in most of the cases.

Post Procedure Care

It is advised to sleep in an upright position for 1-2 weeks after procedure. No heavy lifting for 4-6 weeks has to be there. Keep your hands and elbows to your side for 2 weeks. No driving for 2 weeks. Take the medicines as directed, antibiotic medicine is for 3 days; pain, nausea and Valium medicines are taken as required. Never take any medicine on an empty stomach and always space out the medicines. No workouts for 4-6 weeks post process. Do not smoke as smoking delays healing and upturns the risk of complications. Do not drink alcohol when taking pain medicines. Even when not taking pain medications, no alcohol for 3 weeks is suggested as it causes fluid retention.

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Duration of Procedure: 2-3 hours approx.
Anesthesia: General
Recovery Time: Patient can go to home on the same or next day. They can resume work in a few days. Strenuous activities can be started in 3 to 4 weeks.
Longevity of Results: Permanent
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