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Facelift TreatmentIs sagging skin and wrinkles staining your facial beauty? Face lift can be your rescuer!
There is nothing more infuriating that waking up one day and feeling disheartened by seeing sagging skin and wrinkles all over your face. You can avoid this nightmarish situation by undergoing face lift surgery under Dr. Vivek Kumar’s supervision. Being a highly qualified and veteran surgeon, Dr. Kumar is an expert in handling face lift procedure. After the accomplishment of this surgery with Dr. Kumar, you will surely see a “new you” in the mirror!



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Facelift in Delhi

As the clock of time moves forward, the face shows some of the most noticeable signs of ageing. Children and adults have smooth, good-textured skin with well-defined facial curves owing to even distribution of fat and natural attachment of muscles. With the span of time, skin starts to wrinkle and droop because of age and many other factors, giving a much mature appearance than you are actually have. Crinkles and folds are signs of age. The dependent regions like the jaw line and the zones of greatest motion like the line between the nose and mouth show the first signs.

The purpose of facelift is to invigorate the appearance of face by tightening the skin and muscles of face, chin and neck. At what age one should aim for facelift depends entirely upon the quantity of slack skin, the degree of droopiness and how much it bothers you. Some people want to reverse the initial signs of aging at an early age as there is a saying “It is easier to keep a young person looking young than it is to make an old person look young”.


Ideal candidates

Dr. Vivek says everybody is different when it comes to facelifts. It is easier to keep a young patient looking young than make an old patient look younger but yes, at the same, it is also not impossible via the technique of facelift. The older you are the younger you will look. So, if we perform a facelift on somebody who is seventy years old who has never had a face lift, the revolution is much more dramatic than if someone is fifty, if for no other reason than their face has been drooping for that much longer. The improvement usually lasts years, at least ten or twenty. If people have a lift at forty or fifty, they may have a second one at sixty or seventy.


facelift laser treatment

The procedure

Face lift is implemented with slight possible incisions in the temple, in front of ear and around ear lobe. The skin is raised and underlying drooping muscle layer is anchored in natural position. Additional skin is eliminated. In some circumstances, fat is eliminated from underneath the chin and neck. New techniques allow us to perform this process with hidden minutest incisions using endoscopic instruments. A face lift is recurrently performed in blend with other procedure like blepharoplasty, forehead lift, chin liposuction/ chin augmentation-to achieve complete rejuvenation of face.


Facelift Laser Treatment

In laser facelift, the identical operation as a usual facelift is executed, only using the laser. This process takes longer, and though there may be less bruising in the immediate week or two after process, the amount of additional skin eliminated and the tightening of the tissues is exactly the same.


facelift post procedure care

Post-procedure Care

Remove the whole dressing the next morning or the doctor will do it for you. Cold packs may be applied to the face for 48 hours. Expect some tautness and pressure, particularly when chewing. Sutures remain for about five days, clips about two weeks. Do not sunbathe after the process, principally for the first few months. Keep the incision lines clean. Use hydrogen peroxide to wash out adherent blood. Use ointment to keep the incision line well-moist. You may wash your hair mildly the day after procedure. Soap it lightly and use a transitory spray of water. Don’t run the water through your hair.
Immediately inform the doctor if you feel any areas of special pain or swelling. If there is fluid draining from a region of a wound, notify your doctor. If one area is especially red and tender, inform your doctor immediately. Don’t panic as most problems are easily treated and handled. If you were given antibiotics or other pills, take them as recommended.


Facelift Complications

The face will tend to flatten as you move it once again. Patient can feel some quantity numbness. There can be loss of hair, henceforth, discuss these with your doctor. Make sure everything will like the way you expected it to be. Women are often depressed to lose the bunch of hair just above their ear, so ask your doctor about that.

If you are eyeing for a face lift procedure, facelift laser treatment in Delhi, India, then visit our centre Sculpt Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic Delhi, India. Here, you can get detailed evaluation and in-depth examination to reach a tailored treatment plan with a best facelift surgeon.
Duration of Procedure: 3-5 hrs
Anesthesia: General/local with sedation
Recovery Time: Back to work in 7 to 14 days. Mild swelling/bruising may continue for a couple of days
Longevity of Results: Long lasting (You will look around 10 years younger than your age)



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